Milestone Properties is proud to partner with Compassion Canada to support 176 vulnerable mothers & babies in South America. Through Compassion’s Child Survival Program, the most vulnerable children and their mothers are given the essentials necessary for a bright future.

About Compassion’s Child Survival Program

The most vulnerable people in the world are babies. In their earliest years, children are vulnerable to disease, malnutrition and neglect. Many mothers in the poorest countries of the world struggle as they don’t have access to the essentials to care for their baby.

When children's needs aren’t met in these fragile years, they experience long term consequences. Malnutrition can lead to stunted growth. Neglect can scar a child socially and emotionally, and a lack of stimulation can choke a child’s cognitive development.

But when children are developed in their earliest years, they are more likely to succeed in school. They have better health as they grow up. And as adults they earn more and create more stable and secure homes for the next generation. Investing in child survival means children can reach their God-given potential.


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